Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm Whittling Down My "Publishing" Empire...

... To a more manageable size.

Sitting quiet with a cup of coffee looking at the work I've been doing, and the work I need to do I've come to the realization that iffn ya'll are gonna go fourteen different directions at once... getting somewhere is likely not in the cards.

Talking to folks 'round about, I decided that most of you want to go to one place and see what's what, and NOT try to follow umpteen different places for the same person.

With that in mind I've realized that I've set up too many sites and scattered myself too thin with 'em... and the right work isn't getting done properly. So, I'm whittling things down and lightening up the load. This particular blog is gonna be going dormant and eventually bye bye.

To keep up with my shenanigans just follow along on my flagship spot on the web; goin' RV Boondocking. All the remaining sites that I'll be working are listed across the new TOP navigation bar.

Thanks for coming by!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Moving Along With All My Other Chores...

...The website rebuilds of both Motorcycle Touring on Freedom Road and Goin' RV Boondocking are progressing slowly. In addition to simply cleaning pages up as I make the conversion to the new SBI page building system ( a much improved program from my SBI internet provider) I have begun several new affiliate associations.

You will see the links to those online"Affiliate Sponsor" Retailers appearing throughout the sites in the coming weeks.

I have worked to select only the finest companies known not only for their quality products but for their customer service. In my mind, service is the first thing I look for when I select a company to do business with.

If you have a need for either camping, hiking, apparel or motorcycle gear of one sort or another, be sure to give those vendors the opportunity to take good care of you.

As always, when you patronize the Affiliate Sponsors of this site, for your needs, it helps keep my websites providing the information you are hunting for.

As for the site rebuilding I mentioned earlier...

Between, sporadic internet service in our various camps and the amount of work balanced against my ability to procrastinate... and the need to get work done on my next book in the Ben Jensen series... I'm keeping busy... but it might not show up a whole lot in one place! :)

Also... Heidi has been working on new Jewelry for the Gypsies in the Wind Gallery... a few unexpected situations and obstacles got in our way... and slowed down the process of getting that work placed in the gallery, but that as well will start showing up over the very few coming weeks.

Lots going on around this lil' rolling homestead... Hard for a fella like me to keep up sometimes! :)

Hope your summer is Looking fine... Keep on checking up on us, and see what's new 'round here!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

RV Cartoons

There's a Fresh RV Cartoon posted on the RV Cartoon's Page of Goin' RV Boondocking (the RV Boondocking link to the left). Check it out if you could use a giggle.

Have a Good One!
- Brian